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The temple of Ambaji is recognised as one of the original "Shakti Pithas" where,  accordingto the ancient scriptures written about the goddess the heart of the Goddess Ambaji fell  to earth when her body  was  dismembered. It  is  said  that  the  tonsorial  ceremony  of  Shri Krishna  was  performed  at Ambaji!  Many  of them go there on foot, which is particularly enriching as it happens immediately after the monsoon, when the  landscape  is  rich  with greenery,  streams  are full  of  sparkling water and the air is fresh.

Bhadra Purnima is one of the biggest festivals of Gujarat, popularly known as  the  Ambaji Bhadra Purnima. This is  because the festival is celebrated at Ambaji, a  village   which  derives  its  name  from  the shrine  located  here. The village is situated at the foothills of  Mount Aravalli. Ambaji shrine is dedicated  to Goddess Ambaji, held in great regard  by  the  people  of  the region. It is the main shrine  of  the Goddess  in  Gujarat.  The place  finds reference  in  as  early as 746 AD, but its actual origin is still unknown.

The festival is organized on the full moon day of  the  Bhadrapad,  according to  the  Hindi Calendar.   A   number   of   farmers   and agriculturists assemble  here  to  worship at the  shrine.  Bhavai,  the  folk  drama  of  the state, and Garba performances are organized to celebrate   the  occasion.   Saptshati,   the seven  hundred  verses  in  the  praise  of  the Goddess  are  read  in  the  temple.  Devotees attend  these   assemblies   and  worship  the Goddess to seek  Her blessings.  A  huge  fair is also held here at this occasion.

Date :- Amabji Festival / Bhadrapad Ambaji Fair/ Bhadarvi Poonam  (Proposed Dates)– 26th Aug to 2nd Sept 2020 ( end on full moon date i.e imp date for this festival would be  1 or 2nd Sept 2020)  

Disclaimer: You are requested to check the exact dates with us before finalizing your travel plans for this festival. Please note "these dates may vary according to Hindu Calendar"