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The Ravechi Fair of Gujarat is held in the month of 'Bhadra' according to the Hindu calendar. In English, the Ravechi Fair is held in September. It is attended by thousands of people- Rabari,Koli, Kanabi-Patel & Ahirs.

The Ravechi temple is situated in the Nana Raava Village in Rapar District of Gujarat in Kutch. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Ravechi, which is situated on the Local pond of the Village. The temple is said to be built in year 1921. The temple was more than 52 feet high. The original temple of Ravechi mata was built by the Pandavas. Ravechi mata is none other than the local Goddess Ashapurji of Kutch- who is the form of Hindu Go ddess- Parva ti. The Image of the goddess of the temple is said to be self incarnating-that is, it came out of its own. 

In the Ravechi Fair ground, numerous multi-colored stalls are temporarily installed which sells the local han dicrafts, homemade clothes, handmade fabrics, mirror works, embroidery and lace works and other fine specimens of local hand-works of the womenfolk of Gujarat. T he Ravechi Fair in Gujarat is a very special occasion for the locals where the local people meet their friends and dances with the rhythm of music. The Ravechi Fair of Gujarat is held every year in the same venue. The Ravechi fair of Gujarat is the perfect place for people from different cultures to unite. People from the communities like Ahir, Rabri and Charan take active part in the Ravechi fair. 

Ravechi Festival (Proposed Dates) – 26/28th Aug 2020 ( subject to change) ** We are yet to get the final dates for Ravechi as same is not available.  However these are most likely dates.

Disclaimer: You are requested to check the exact dates with us before finalizing your travel plans for this festival. Please note "these dates may vary according to Hindu Calendar"