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Porbandar is a coastal city in the Indian state of Gujarat, perhaps best known for being the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. The home of Gandhiji’s childhood, known by the name of Kirti Mandir is one major attraction of the place. Kasturba Gandhi, Gandhiji’s wife, was also born in Porbandar. It is also a port in the state of Gujarat.
A chronological history on the life of the Mahatma Gandhi is listed in the museum at Kirti Mandir. According to Hindu mythology, Porbandar is the place associated with the friendship of Lord Krishna and Sudama. Some of the famous places are Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Huzoor Palace, Sudama Temple, Porbandar Bird Sanctuary etc.

Kirti Mandir(Porbander) : Kirti Mandir is one of the famous tourist destinations of Porbandar. This place holds great religious significance as it is said to be the birth place of Sudama, the best friend and devotee of Lord Krishna.
The KirtiMandir is situated close to the ancient Haveli belonging to the Gandhi family. Also known as the “Temple of Peace”, the KirtiMandir is counted amongst the popular monuments of the nation.
The spire has a vast collection of pictures depicting the life of Mahatma Gandhi. It also has various pictures of his wife Kasturba Gandhi. The walls of the temple are decorated with 79 Diyas (lamps). These Diyas symbolize the age of the great leader at the time of his death. NaviKhadi, the birthplace of Kasturba Gandhi, is located just beside the KirtiMandir.
The visitors coming to Porbandar visit the place to get a glimpse of Gandhi’s life. The book stall built within the KirtiMandir, has a vast selection of Gandhian books for the visitors to choose from. The place is well connected, with road, air and rail network. The best time to visit the place is the months from March to October.

Address: Kasturba Rd, Bhatia Bazar Old, Porbandar, Gujarat 360001

Timing: 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM

Sudama Temple (Porbander)- The Sudama Mandir in Porbandar holds a lot of historic and religious importance. The temple was constructed in reverence to Sudama the childhood friend and devotee of Lord Krishna. A large number of devotees, especially the newly wed Rajasthani Ksahtriya couples, flock to the place every year.
The Sudama Mandir is a beautiful shrine dedicated to Sudama, the best friend and devotee of Lord Krishna. The temple, located in the center of the Porbandar city, is said to be the only temple in India dedicated to this ardent devotee of Lord Krishna.
The temple has a maze within its complex. According to common belief among the devotees, if a person crosses this maze all his sins are forgiven. The Kshatriya couples of Rajasthan, visit the temple to seek blessings for a happy and prosperous life after there wedding.

Address: Bhatia Bazar Old, Porbandar, Gujarat 360575

Timing: 6.00 AM to 9.00 PM

Chowpaty (Porbander) : Chowpaty is a white sand beach of Porbandar. The magnificent view of the sea, with an exotic ambiance, brings in a lot many tourists and residents to the beach.
Chowpaty is the famous beach of Porbandar. It is located at a kilometer’s distance, from the city. This beautiful beach has various hotels resorts and villas lined up along the water front. The rooms here provide a splendid view of the seafront along with a number of facilities.
The famous Huzoor Mahal is also located along the beach. Chowpaty, the prominent attraction of the Porbandar city, is of great interest to both locals and tourists. During the evening hours, a large number of people flock here with friends and family for a stroll.
The Chowpaty at Porbandar is well connected with the city by local buses and cars. The tourists can choose from the local conveyance or drive to this popular attraction of Porbandar.

Harshiddhi Mata Temple (Porbander) : Harsiddhimata temple is located 45 kms from Porbandar on Dwarka road and is a renowned local pilgrim Centre. Guests on Somnath – Dwarka route make a stop. Temple location on a hilltop overlooking stunning arabian sea views makes it a popular stop

Address: Harshiddhi Mata Temple Road, Gandhvi, India

Timing: 6.00 AM to 9.00 PM